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Sudbury Brass Incense Burner with Wood Handle

Sudbury Brass Incense Burner with Wood Handle

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Sudbury Brass incense burner with wood handle is 5" high, and has a simple design with round base and fitted handle to hold securely. Handcrafted from solid brass to provide years of trouble-free service, with beautiful, high-polish finish. Compare the design and workmanship of Sudbury Brass appointments to other brands - you won't find a better value!

  • Beautifully-designed Sudbury Brass appointments are made to provide years of service
  • Size: 5"H x 7-1/2"L
  • Handcrafted from solid brass with high-polish finish and wooden handle
Brand Sudbury Brass
Type Incense Burners
Weight (Lbs) 5

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