Clearance Entry Policy

We can ship your order to most countries, and will use a "best-way" method to ensure your international order is transported and customs-cleared for you as economically as possible.

Liturgical items being shipped to Canada to a church or accredited religious institution may qualify for duty-free import under Canada's tariff code exemption.  For orders which may qualify for this exemption, we will note such duty exemption on your order's commercial invoice and shipping documents.  With this duty exemption noted, however, Canada Border Services Agency ("CBSA") may nevertheless assess duty on your order.  To clear your order into Canada, we will usually pay duty amounts assessed, if any, together with brokerage fees (for ground shipping methods), Goods and Services Tax ("GST"), Provincial Sales Tax ("PST") and/or Harmonized Sales Tax ("HST") assessed, if any, on your behalf and charge your credit card for these amounts once your order has been delivered to you.

International orders being shipped to a country other than Canada may be assessed duty, Value-Added Tax ("VAT") or other clearance entry charges.  Unless you instruct us to pay these amounts on your behalf before your order is shipped, you will be contacted directly by the shipper or the applicable clearance agency for payment of these amounts once your order has been cleared for delivery to you.

Please call us at 770.455.9177 with questions regarding clearance entry or delivery of your international order.