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R.J. Toomey Roman "Fiddleback" Red IHS Chasuble with Accessories

R.J. Toomey Roman "Fiddleback" Red IHS Chasuble with Accessories

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R.J. Toomey Roman "fiddleback" red IHS chasuble has gold-embroidered velvet banding on front and back orphrey, with matching trim. IHS embroidered on back orphrey. Each chasuble comes with matching inner stole, maniple, chalice veil and burse. Lined jacquard polyester fabric resists wrinkling, keeps you comfortable and is tailored for a beautiful drape. Compare the design, tailoring and careful attention to detail of R.J. Toomey chasubles to other vestment brands - you won't find a better value!

  • Chasuble dimensions: 25"W x 40"L
  • Accessory dimensions: Stole 86"L x 2-1/2"W (top) x 7"W (bottom); Chalice Veil 20" (sq); Maniple 36"L x 3"W (top) x 6"W (bottom); Burse 8-1/2"W x 9"H
  • IHS is a Christogram formed from the first three letters - Iota, Eta and Sigma - of "IHSOUS," the Greek word for Jesus
  • R.J. Toomey vestments are designed for years of use and easy care, at unbeatable prices!
  • Travel with, protect and store your vestments with R.J. Toomey travel bags and hangers (see Apparel Accessories)
  • Care instructions: Dry clean only
Brand R.J. Toomey
Collection Name Roman ("Fiddleback"-style)
Color Red
Package Count 1

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