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Root Candle Ruby, 14 Day, Glass Sanctuary Candle Globe

Root Candle Ruby, 14 Day, Glass Sanctuary Candle Globe

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Root Candle ruby, 14 day, glass sanctuary candle globe with flared top maximizes sanctuary candle performance and safety, including protection from drafts created by open spaces, high ceilings, ceiling fans and heating and air conditioning ducts. Permanent glass globe will also insulate sanctuary candle during winter months.

  • Size: 3-1/4"D (base of globe) x 4-1/2"D (flared top of globe) x 13"H
  • Globe glass is colored during manufacture for consistentcy, not painted afterwards
  • Use with most brands of 14 day glass and plastic vessel sanctuary candles (see Sanctuary Candles)
  • Care instructions: Clean with mild dish soap and warm water, rinse and dry using soft cloth
Brand Root Candle
Type Globes
Color Ruby
Burn Time 14 Day
Package Count 1
Weight (Lbs) 3.0000

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